Large number of Bihari people who migrate to DELHI

May 11, 2020
There are huge number of people of Bihar who migrate to Delhi and NCR from Bihar daily. In a study there are found that approx 20,000 people go daily to New Delhi and NCR for job or study. Most of people go for find a job. While approx only 5,000 people come to Bihar from Delhi and NCR. It’s mean that approx 15,000 Bihari people were add daily in Delhi and NCR population. Approx 12,000 people are from labor class who faces hunger for two time meal daily. They go there only for two time meal. There are no any option here to earn for two time meal only for those labor. They are landless and jobless. They are satisfied with daily meals only. They don’t wish for a house , good cloth , medical facility, or study etc. They needs just meals for two time. In other 3,000 people the large number are of job seekers in offices. Those number are approx 2,000. And other 1,000 people are from student class who go there for studies for Engineering, Medical, UPSC, Computer Courses and different of course.
So , total approx 15,000 people of Bihar went Delhi and NCR region and live there for a long time. By this calculation in one month 4,50,000 people add in Delhi and NCR region.
Central Government of India should the problem of migration from Bihar. This is due to lack of job , food security, higher education facility , good facility of treatment etc.

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  1. K C MHATO says:

    I too from (SIWAN) Bihar in Delhi since childhood (1974) have seen lot of development/progress acroos the Nation except Bihar. I do regular visit to my home town and since 1974 have not seen any drastic change as far as the development/progress in the sate. Just start one industrial unit/factory in every district of state and I am sure nation will see the difference. Just build proper connectivity of roads right from the every village & strat good transporatation in the state and feel & see the progress. It is only possible by Maharastra Govt with Centre help.

  2. suprabh kumar roshan says:

    dear mr k.c.mhato.
    to settle a factory in bihar we need land.can u please tell me from where we will bring land. Bihar is one of the highest population state and on of the smallest state by area .your second point is connectivity from every dose it matter for development in Bihar .you are making easy to Delhi ,Delhi n.c.r or other state.sir bihar will not get develop until and unless the cast system will not take a break or put an end.sir it is the curse of bihar that we are still looking for other state for our bread and butter.

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