50+ Aged Body Fit Actors In Indian Cinema

In the past, Indian cinema did not pay much attention to the physical fitness of actors. But with time, his physical fitness appearance to show the hero as powerful on the cinema screen was also considered to be an important fact.

Dara Singh appeared as the first bodybuilder hero in Bollywood. Although he was primarily a professional wrestler but on the basis of his physical fitness, he played the main hero in many films and those films were also hits in those days. After him, Dharmendra also made many films a hit on the film screen with the help of his body fitness. Later, Sunil Dutt’s son Sanjay Dutt achieved the status of superstar through his body fitness, despite average acting in Bollywood cinema.


Sanjay Dutt made body fitness an essential element for the hero of Indian cinema. At the time of Sanjay Dutt, Dharmendra’s son Sunny Deol also got the position of superstar in the Indian cinema world due to his strong body. In the 1990s, the audience of Indian cinema began to like actors who were physically fit. It was during this period that actors like Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar, Sunil Shetty, Ajay Devgan rose, who got special affection from the audience on their fit bodies. Now the first element to become a hero has become the strong and fit body of the hero.
Even today, there are many such stars in Indian cinema who despite being over 50 years of age are physically very strong. They are keeping themselves fit after doing hard exercise. Common people are also greatly influenced by such actors. Here is the list of those actors of Indian cinema who have fit body.

  • Suniel Shetty (Age 59 Years)
  • Salman Khan (Age 55 Years)
  • Aamir Khan (Age 55 Years)
  • Shah Rukh Khan (Age 55 Years)
  • Akshay Kumar (Age 55 Years)
  • Vikram (Age 55 Years)
  • Milind Soman (Age 55 Years)
  • Rahul Bose (Age 53 Years)
  • Bobby Deol (Age 52 Years)
  • Ajay Devgan (Age 52 Years)

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