Cheapest Prepaid Plan For 1 Year Free Incoming

Until recently, incoming calls were free in mobile. Even if you did not recharge the mobile for several months, there was no restriction on incoming calls. But from January 2019, according to the new rules of the telecom sector, it has become necessary to do a recharge of at least 35 rupees every month to keep the mobile SIM active.
Many people use mobile sim only for receiving calls, for them this rule is overshadowing.
Many mobile companies are increasing the minimum amount of minimum recharge. In such a situation, it is becoming difficult to keep the SIM active.
If you want to keep mobile SIM active without recharging every month, then BSNL has launched the best plan for that. With this plan of BSNL, you will get freedom from doing minimum recharge of mobile every month and your SIM will be active with incoming call facility for 1 year.


For this you will have to recharge Rs 397. In this recharge, your BSNL mobile sim will be active for 1 year. In this recharge, you will also get 2 GB 4G data every day along with unlimited calling facility for the first 60 days. After the freebies are over, your SIM will be active for a next full 10 months. Incoming calls and SMS will continue to come on it.
This plan is cheaper than other mobile companies right now.
You can also easily convert mobile sim of any other company to BSNL company. After that by taking a plan of Rs 397, you can keep your SIM active for a whole year without monthly recharge.

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