How To Reach Goa Direct By Train

Goa is best tourist place of India. Every person should visit Goa at least once in life. If you visit Goa once then you can not stop your self to go there again.

Goa is not  just a small town but it is a small state of an area of 3702 square kilometers. There are lots of tourist place in Goa. Actually whole Goa is a beautiful tourist place. Goa is divided in two part,  North and South Goa with headquarters at Panaji and Margao respectively. North Goa beaches offer an entertaining night life with pubs and discos. And in South Goa has endless beaches and very attractive natural scene.

Panji is capital of Goa which is situated in centre of Goa. There are thousands of hotels in Panji. So if you are planning to visit Goa then you should come first Panji. You can visit all places Goa in 2-3 days if you stay in Panji.

The nearest and big railway station of Panji, Goa is Vas Da Gama railway station. Vas Da Gama railway station is linked with major railway station of India. Here is list of trains by which you can come Panji, Goa directly.

  • 2780 GOA EXPRESS (Direct Train From New Delhi to Goa)
  • 8047 AMARAVATHI EXP (Direct Train From Howrah to Goa)
  • 7309 YPR BIWEEKLY EXP (Direct Train From Yashwantpur,Banglore to Goa)
  • 2742 PNBE VSG EXPRES (Direct Train From Patna to Goa)
  • 7603 KCG YPR EXP (Direct Train From KACHEGUDA to Goa)
  • 7311 MAS VASCO EXP (Direct Train From Chennai to Goa)
  • 01048 UBL VSG LINK EX (Direct Train From Hubli to Goa)

The other major station near Goa is Madgaon railway station.  You can come Panji, Goa via Madgaon railway station from any where of India. Madgaon railway station is on main route of east railway. Madgaon junction is linked with all major station of India. You can get train from any where for Madgaon junction. There are many others locals trains which runs between Madgaon and Vas Da Gama daily. You can go to Panji from Madgaon by local luxury buses or taxis.

So if you are planing for tour to Goa in this vacation then plan for go to Panji first. After reach in Panji you can stay in either budget hotel or luxury hotels.

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