Taj Mahal: Location of cheap & low budget hotel in Agra

Agra is famous for Taj Mahal. Thousands of tourists come daily Agra for only see The Taj Mahal . But there are not sufficient hotels for all tourists in Agra. There are heavy crowd in months of December and January in Agra. You can not find a cheap and budget hotels in range of Rs. 500- 600 per day for double bed room in this month. So if you are planning for visit Agra then February, October and November months are best time when you get hotels easily.


If you want find cheap hotel then go to Baluganj area of Agra. There you can find many budget hotel. There you can get double bed room in range of 500-600 per day in hotel. But the room services of these hotels are very poor. Maximum hotels in Agra do not serve the initial room service. They do not give drinking water , bedsheets, pillow cover etc. Maximum hotels at Agra are in bad condition and they charge heavy amount like Rs. 1500 to 2000 per day to their client . There are no any hotels in near Agra Cant Railway station. Hotel starts from Idgaah Bus Stand, Agra which is approx 1.5 Km. from Agra Cant railway station. There are some hotel in this area but all are very expensive without proper service. In this area you will get room in minimum Rs. 2000/- per day for double bed room. The size of room is only 10 X 10 feet. The bathroom is attached in these room. If you come in Baluganj area then you will get double bed room in Rs. 600-800 per day in hotel in off season. There is one hotel Miss -Filla in Baluganj which is lowest cost hotel in this area. This hotel charged Rs. 1200 to 1400 in on season (December, January). But like all others hotel the room service of this hotel is very bad.
When you reach Agra Cant railway station there will many agent follow you for Hotel and tour. First they demand Rs. 100 for go to hotel but they will ready to go the hotels in Rs. 20 after bargaining. They say that they know the cheap budget hotel but never believe on them because they went to heavy budget hotels for get high commission from hotels. If you want spent Rs. 100/- for lodge in Agra then you can go to Dharmshalas. There are many Dharmshalas near Idgaah Bus stand which take only Rs. 50/- and 100/- for one day. They have good accommodation like 24 water, drinking water , good bedsheets bathroom facility, soap etc. and many more. There are many restaurant also near Idgaah Bus stand.


The food is very costly in restaurant of Agra. One plate simple lunch comes in minimum Rs. 50/-. But you can not like these lunch. If you go some higher standard restaurant then you have to pay Rs. 200/- for one plate lunch/ dinner. There is one famous south Indian Restaurant in Agra which is situated at corner of Sadar Bazaar, Agra. Here you can get delicious south Indian and North Indian food in medium amount.
Never reserve any vehicles for tour all tourist places of Agra in a single day. Because only Taj Mahal is main place where you should go and spend minimum 6-7 hrs. . If you go there in off season then you can enter in Taj Mahal in 1 hr. queue. But if you go in on season then you have to stand in queue for ticket and enter for minimum 4 hrs. The ticket charge is Rs. 20/- each for Indian and Rs. 750/- for foreigners. The management in great architect of India Taj Mahal is very poor. Only one person books the tickets for thousand visitors. The security persons demand bribe for entry in Taj Mahal in short time either they search for a long time. And this procedure takes long time for enter in Taj Mahal. There are no any electronics thing (exception – Mobile, Camera) , food like chips/sweets/chocolate etc are allowed in premises of Taj Mahal. So if you try to bring these thing then your material would be keep out at entry gate of Taj Mahal.

If you want take full enjoyment of Taj Mahal then reach here at lest 11 am.

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