Ideal Quantity Of Cement, Iron Bar, Sand and Stone Chips For Roof Making

In building houses, most attention should be paid in roof construction. Due to the strong roof, there is a lot of convenience in building houses on it.

Cement, stone chips, iron bars, and sand are mainly used in roof casting. The ratio of cement, sand and stone chips 1: 2: 2.5 is considered to be ideal in roof construction. Now we also discuss the amount of iron bars, cement, sand and stone chips in roof construction.


The quantity of material used in roof construction depends on the total area of ​​the roof. In calculating the total area of ​​the roof, it is also necessary to add the area of ​​the beam under it. Prove that the total area of ​​the top surface of your roof is 100 square feet and the total length of the beam under the roof is 40 feet, then you have to purchase construction materials according to the total of 140 square feet. Because the beam will also use the same construction material that will be used in roof construction.
The length and width of the beam is usually 10 inches. The thickness of the roof should be 4.5 inches. If more floors are not to be built on top of the roof, then the thickness of the roof can also be 4 inches.

A 10-inch or 12-inch iron bar is used for the beam. If you build a house of G + 2 floor (3 floors total) then you can use a 10mm iron bar of good quality. If you build a house of more floor than this or plan to build it in future, then at least 12 mm iron bar should be taken for the beam. However, the thickness of the iron bar for the beam also depends on the area of ​​the room. If your room size is 12 by 12 feet, then a beam of 12 mm is suitable for the beam. If your room size is more than this, then the iron bar for the beam should be 16 mm. As the area of ​​the room increases, the thickness of the rod should be increased for the beam.


The beam takes 4 iron bars. If the total length of the beam is 40 feet, then you will need a total of 160 feet of iron bar. The length of an iron bar varies from 39 feet to 40 feet. Apart from this, a 4 mm iron bar is needed to connect the beam rods.
Iron bars of 10 mm and 8 mm are mainly used for roof construction. A rod of 10 mm is given below, an 8 mm rod is crossed over it. Each rod is laid at a distance of 6 inches. If the length of your room is 10 feet by 10 feet, then it will use about 5 pieces of 10 mm rods and 5 pieces of 8 mm rods. If calculated according to the weight of the rod, then the construction of 100 square feet of roof takes 100 kg of iron rods, which includes the total weight of 10 mm and 8 mm rods.

The amount of cement in roof construction is calculated by taking the total area of the roof and beam together. 7 bags (50 kg / bag) of cement is used to make 100 square feet roof.

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