Lucky Rings For Health, Wealth, Success

Every persons are connected with their luck. Luck depends on planets and constellations. When your planets and constellations are strong then you will be lucky and you will get success in every field. There are many way to correct your bad luck to good luck.
Rings also have a great contribution in improving Bad luck. Because the every planets made by some kind of stone and metals. So, you have to put rings in your finger for improve your luck.
A lot of politicians, officers, businessmen, and film actors wear rings, by which their fortune shines.
Let us tell you which ring to wear in which finger to get a particular goal? These tips was given by famous Astrologer Shree Swami Vyom Chandra Ji Maharaj.
For success in Politics – To be successful in politics, your “Guru” must be very strong. To please the “Guru”, wear white pearl in a gold or silver ring in the right hand Index finger. Index finger is place of “Guru”.
For success in Civil / Government Service – For become an civil service or government service employee, it is important that your mind is stable and concentrated, for which the grace of the moon is necessary for you. At the same time, you also need the grace of the sun so that you can become glorious like the sun. For this, you will hold Moon Stone in your right hand ring finger and Sunstone in Middle Finger. You can wear these two in silver or gold rings as you wish.

For success in Medical/Engineering exam – For success in medical or engineering examination your mind will have to be very meritorious. For this, put Opal in your finger ring. And wear a copper and silver mixed ring in your middle finger.

For success in get business industry – To gain success in business, it is essential that there is constant money flow. Venus and Mars planets stop all the business’s tragedies. Any traders who keep the planet Mars and Venus happy will soon become very wealthy. For this, you wear white pearls in Baby Finger and wearing Pukhraj stone in gold ring in index finger.

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