Due to the increasing number of travelers, Northern Railway has announced to run a special train from Kalka to Shimla. This special train will be run from 22 December to 15 January 2018 under the name of duplicate Shivalik Express. This train will open from Kalka at 12.45 pm And will reach to Shimla at 6.25 pm evening.
From Shimla this train will open at 9.25 in the morning and will reach Delhi station at 3.20 pm. It is 96 kilometers distance between Kalka and Shimla by rail.
There are 5 trains daily to go from Delhi to Kalka. Delhi Kalka Shatabdi Express opens from Delhi at 7.40 am and reaches Kalka station at 11.45 a.m. the same day. In this way, you can catch the train to Shimla after 1 hour after reaching Kalka. Similarly, if you catch the train 14095 Himalayan Queens at 5.35 am from Delhi then you will reach Kalka at 11.10 am. After that you can easily take the train there for Shimla at 12.45 hrs.

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