Tips For Lose Overweight And Get Slim Belly in One Month By Simple Homework As Exercise

Many person are affected from overweight. Overweight is a big problem for human health. Every person either male or female should care for remove overweight. Here are simple tips for remove overweight and slim your belly by do simple homework as exercise.

1. Mop the floor – Moping the floor by sit daily is best homework exercise. During moping the floor, you have to bend your waist towards floor and move. This action removes your stomach’s fat very fast. You’ll be be slim in one month by this work.

2. Wash your cloth by hand – If you are using washing machine for clean your cloth then shutdown your washing machine for one month and start wash your cloth by hand daily. By this your fat will remove from your all body.

3. Digg and clean your lawn – Digging and cleaning your lawn daily is sufficient exercise for lose your overweight in one month. If you give your minimum 45 minutes daily for digging and cleaning your lawn or garden then your all problem due to overweight will gone in one month.

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