Profitable And Famous Fast Food Business In India

India is very rich in different types of foods. There are 3250 types of dishes which is used in all over India.
Indians love desi fast food which are easily available in every streets of India. Every states have their special variety of fast food dishes. 70% of fast food business run by small vendor or small shop. The cost of establish fast food shop is very less then other business.
Try to open an fast food shop at your nearest railway station, or in any busy market.

Here is list of low budget famous Indian fast food business.
1. Samosa shop (National Fast Food Of India)
2. Pani Puri shop
3. Bhel Puri shop
4. Bread Pakoda shop
5. Veg. Pakoda shop
6. Pav Bhaji Shop (Famous in Maharashtra)
7. Boiled Egg and omelet shop
8. Jhaal Mudhi Shop
9. Puri Sabji shop
10. Poha shop (Famous in Maharashtra)
11. Litti Chokha Shop (Famous in Bihar)
12. Idli Shop (Famous in South India)
13. Dosa Shop (Famous in South India)
14. Kachudi Sabji Shop
15. Egg Roll Shop
16. Veg Roll Shop
17. Non-veg (Mutton/Chiken) Roll Shop
18. Potato Chat shop
19. Chhole Bhature Shop
20. Sattu Shop (Famous in Bihar and UP)
21. Paraathaa With Pluse (Famous in Punjab)
22. Maize Bread With Chatni (Famous in Bihar)
23. Curd + Bitten rice shop (Famous in Bihar)
24. Fried Bitten Rice + salted mixture (Famous in Bihar and West Bengal)
25. Potato Tikki Chat Shop
26. Phaphda Jalebi Shop (Famous in Gujarat)
27. Dhokhla Shop (Famous in Gujarat)
28. Chowmin Shop
29. Momos Shop
30. Paraathaa with Chhola shop (Famous in Punjab)
31. Local Pizza Shop (All Over India)
32. Pudi Jalebi (Famous in North India)
33. Pakauda Shop
35. Sandwich Shop
36. Burger Shop
37. Sweets Shop
There are many other fast foods shop available in different states.

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