Question & Answer About Gram Panchayati Raj Rule


Nowadays there are some questions to be asked about taking Panchayati Raj in competition examinations. Here the information about important rules related to Panchayati Raj is being given.

  • Who conducts the election of Gram Panchayats? – The State Election Commission.
  • Who elects the Mukhiya? – Directly elected by the voters of that Gram Panchayat.
  • What is the maximum interval between the two meetings of the Gram Sabha? – 3 Months.
  • How many members are required for quorum for conducting Gram Sabha? –
    1/20 of the total members of the Gram Sabha.
  • Mukhiya and Deputy Mukhiya hand over the handwritten resignation from his post to which officer? – To the District Panchayat Raj Officer.
  • Ward Councilor of Gram Panchayat handover this handwritten resignation from his post to whom? – To the Mukhiya of his Gram Panchayat.
  • By whom is the election of the Deputy- Mukhiya? – By Ward Counselors of Gram Panchayat.
  • Who provides funds to the Gram Panchayats to run the schemes? – The State Government.
  • Who is the staff of the Gram Panchayat? – The Panchayat Secretary.
  • What is the composition of Panchayat Samiti? – Directly elected members from the Panchayat Samiti, MP and MLA representing constituencies which fall either wholly or partly in the Panchayat Samiti area, All the Mukhiyas of the Gram Panchayats falling within the Panchayat Samiti area.
  • By whom is the election of Pramukh and Up-Pramukh? – By Members of Panchayat Samiti.
  • The Pramukh may resign his office by writing under his hand and addressed to the which officer? – To the Subdivisional Magistrate.
  • The Up-Pramukh may resign his office by writing under his hand and addressed to the which officer? – To the Pramukh.
  • After how many times ‘No confidence motion’ may be moved against the Pramukh or the Up-Pramukh? – After minimum first two year period of their tenure.
  • What is the composition of Zila Parishad? – The members directly elected from territorial constituencies in the district, the Pramukhs of all Panchayat Samitis in the District,such MP and MLA who represent any part which falls wholly or partly within the district and whose constituency falls within the district.
  • Member of Zila Parishad may resign his membership in writing under his hand add
    ressed to whom? – To the Adhyaksha of the Zila Parishad.

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