Voluntary Retirement Scheme (VRS) In Indian Army

Indian Army is biggest army service in Asia. More then 10 lakh people works in Indian Army. There are three parts of Indian Army.
(1) Indian Army (2) Indian Air Force and (3) Indian Navy.
The work as Indian Army is matter of honer and pride for all Indian. There are many exams by which a common man can be a part of Indian Army. All parts of Indian Army is best in world.

The process of join Indian Army is difference for each parts. The eligibility and age bar for applying candidate are differences for each departments. So that job natures and condition are also differences in each part of Indian Army.

For a general duty army in Indian Army the retirement age is 16 years of job. If a GD army found fit for promotion to Havildar posts then his age of retirement will be increased.

For higher ranks officer in Indian Army such as AMC (Non tech), Lt Col, Colonel , Brigadier etc retire after age of 56. The retirement age are different for higher ranks officers in Indian Army.

Indian Army job is most powerful and respected job in India. Army get many facilities during their services and after retirement. Leave scheme in Indian Army is attractive. Any person of Indian Army can take leave of more then 40 days any time in one year.

Every Indian have pride on our India Army.

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